The footprints of the devil in the form of symbols and imagery is not limited to just the music world. Even in the corporate world images and themes which originate from the pit of hell have worked their way into places you wouldn't expect.

Whether its symbolic ridden commercials from big corporate giants like Lexus or the fact that a terrorist group originating from the area of Babylon would call themselves ISIS, the name for an ancient spirit, the footprints of the enemy are becoming more and more visible in our every day world.

Premium Disclosures - Celebrating Our Journey

The Premium Disclosures package is a new package which was initially launched by our product creation team for our members who had been with us for a number of years in celebrating our anniversary. It is a 4 disk set which provide some rather unbelievable and astonishing insights never provided by us before. Furthermore it is was the first time we had provided a package which contained 3 DVDs all in the same package.

Due to its popularity and relevance, especially to parents, guardians and youth workers, this package has now been extended as being available to all members in providing insights especially in regards to some of the most blatant footprints of the occult across our the mainstream and non mainstream areas of our society.

This is a special collectors item which is made only available to members like you who value our work and support our ministry so take a look and see if its something you would like to also have in your arsenal of powerful educational tools.

3 DVDs and 1 Audio CD - The Most Powerful Insights On Hidden Agenda's

WAR OF THRONES (DURATION: 12 HOURS): A massive 12 hours of some of the most incredible insights into understanding the structures of the principalities and powers that are ruling our planet and the havoc they are purposely creating. Have you noticed the increased number of earthquakes, tsunamis, strange weather patterns and sinkholes just mysteriously opening up? There have even been reports of sounds coming from the center of the earth that are very eerie! What about the microchip agenda and how does this tie up with a class of fallen angelic beings known as the watchers? What about the strange appearance of black eyed children which have suddenly started appearing in increasing numbers across the world. Who are they and where have they come from?. What about the new new drone super aircraft carriers launched by the Queen developments in cyber robot technology with Google? What is the present status and inner working of the black nobility of Europe and their alliance with the Illuminati? Powerful and provocative.

LOST GENERATION (DURATION: 90 MINUTES): A 90 minute DVD that open your eyes up to a systematic attack on our teenagers and children, most notably through the dark side of video games and through occultic traditions such as Halloween. Many video games contain illuminati/occultic symbols and messages. It might look silly at first yet you can't ignore it, it's there! Why it's there is the question we must ask ourselves, is it to condition our kids to accept certain things in the near future? Or is it to mess with their minds? And what about Halloween which began centuries ago as a pagan holiday that honored the dead that warned of a netherworld of spirits and ghosts. Today, Halloween has morphed into a day for breaking rules, pushing boundaries and wearing disguises. We may think our Halloweens are crazy now, but Halloweens past have been wilder and more dangerous than they are now. During the depression, Halloween became so violent and destructive that civil authorities had to step in and prevent wide-spread vandalism in cities across America. Their solution, the ritual of "trick or treat," now generates $2 billion dollars in candy sales each season.

ISIS UNVEILED (DURATION: 90 MINUTES): Millions of people wake up every morning turn on their TV and hear about an organization called ISIS in Iraq without a full understanding as to the significant of what ISIS means from a spiritual perspective. Whilst from a geopolitical perspective, one may see ISIS as nothing more than a terrorist group seeking to create a new islamic power in the Middle East, it is the belief of many researchers that there is an ancient spirit which is influencing these events. A spirit that goes all the way back to the time of Egypt. This DVD collates all the latest news, thoughts and opinions of political and religious commentators on the prophetical significance of the present Iraq-ISIS crisis, whilst leading you back to the origin of the ancient ISIS and how this Egyptian deity is linked to Iraq and the future of Babylon.

SYMBOLOGY MEETS FASHION (DURATION: 90 MINUTES): What are the esoteric meanings behind symbols commonly found in the fashion industry? Which UK clothes retailer has the Baphomet Goat of Mendes embedded in their shop entrances artwork? Which models and icons in the fashion industry are spearheading the industry's acceptance of Babylonian encoded messages? How is the spirit of Mystery Babylon rife within this industry?  This 90 minute documentary provides incredible exposes of how just like the movie and music industry, the fashion industry has not been spared from the masonic and occultic attacks of symbols and signs!

2 Titan Bonuses

Not only does the Premium Disclosures give you access to the above but you also get 2 massive free bonuses. Immediate access to one of the best special online videos ever produced by anyone anywhere (4 hours of GREAT content) as well as a massive complimentary report. And yours at no extra charge.


THE RISE OF ALCHEMY (DURATION: 180 MINUTES): Many believe Alchemy is merely a false science with the hopes to transmute base metals into gold. In reality, alchemy is an occult metaphor for transforming the human being from our current fallen state into a godlike ascended state. Such desires to discover the elixir of life, known as the philosophers stone, that would give man longevity, and the return to our glorified state of being has been part of mythological lure for centuries. But with the advent of the scientific and technological advancement in our day, these occult dreams founded in the alchemical philosophy are now being fulfilled. Is it possible that these future events spoken about in Revelation 13, are in fact unfolding right before our eyes?

MESSAGES DECODED COMPLIMENTARY REPORT: An outstanding and visually stunning report from one of our network partners in regards to the influence of Masonic symbolisms in popular culture. In previous communications you may remember us mentioning about Stanley Kubrick and the significance of his last movie Eyes Wide Shut. Well imagine being shown another 100 examples like this (with incredible visual illustrations) of where the entertainment industry has provided iron clad proof of an alternative agenda that goes far beyond entertainment.

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